Joint Lock

Use this knack to attack; your opponent’s TN to be hit
is modified by the raises required for a called shot to
the area you are trying to lock (see below).
If successful, your opponent is held. This is similar to
the rules for the Grapple knack, except:

  • Your opponent cannot attempt a Head Butt


  • To break free your opponent must take an action

to make a contested Finesse + Grapple or Finesse

  • Joint Lock roll against your Finesse + Joint Lock.
  • If your opponent tries to break the joint lock, he

takes damage whether or not he succeeds in
getting free (see below). To avoid taking this
damage he must take the same number of raises
you had to make to apply the joint lock.
The raises and damage associated with various joints

  • Finger (1 raise; 0k2 damage)
  • Wrist, ankle (2 raises, 1k2 damage)
  • Elbow, knee ( 3 raises, 3k2 damage)
  • Shoulder (4 raises, 4k2 damage)
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