Merge Arson Bomb Making
Create a new skill "demolitionist" with the best of both

Merge Bard Skald
Merge the skills Bard and Skald since they are almost the same

Merge Courtesan Courtier
Merge skills Courtesan and Courtier since they are so very similar

Merge Falconer Hunter
Merge skills Falconer and Hunter as it is only one knack that differs between them

Merge Herbalist Medicine Man
Merge skills Herbalist and Medicine Man into one of them or rename

Merge Man of the Cloth skills
Merge all the "Religious" skills into one.

New Skill Craftsman
Add a new skill "Craftsman" which handles all the manual labour knacks and crafting knacks

New Skill Merchant
Add new skill "merchant" which handles all knacks related to trading, bartering and running a business

New Skill Scholar
New skill "Scholar" which is an all-encompassing skill related to scholary, research, archaeology and such. Also teaching

New Skill Skullduggery
New skill "Skullduggery" which encompasses many underhanded and illegal activities within the "white collar" crimes such as fencing and forgeries

Remove Whaler
Remove skill Whaler as Sailor already covers it all and a bit more

Rename Guide To Outdoorsman
Rename Guide to Outdoorsman to emphasise it's general "wilderness" and travel area

Separate Acrobat Performer Artist
Acrobat, Performer and Artist all in one way or another deal with different kind of pleasures. To have each feel unique separate them as follows
Acrobat - acrobatic arts, physical performaces, exclusively with bodily arts
Artist - Art, sculptures etc. Things that don't need to be performed to be enjoyed
Performer - Pleasures that have to be enjoyed when they are performed such as singing and dancing.

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